7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Website Homepage

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A website homepage is considered the most important part of the website. It is the first page; your visitors will notice. To have a successful website, a good homepage is very essential and it also becomes a blueprint for any successful business. It is rightly said, “First Impression is the Last Impression”. Hence, when a person goes on to a homepage, he builds an idea about the whole website. The homepage must clarify the objective of your website. The key elements must be set-up based on the primary and secondary goals. But we need to understand that a good homepage can lift the business and a poor one can destroy the chance of achieving the objective of your website.

What Should a Successful Homepage Consist of?

A successful homepage must:

  • Attract appropriate and potential visitors to the website.
  • The homepage needs to be tightly focused that address its target audiences in an understanding manner.
  • The best homepages are generally not static, they keep on changing, and adapt new features which reflect the feedback of the visitors and the changes of the company.
  • It must be visible on various devices like mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

What Are the Key Items to be Followed in a Homepage for a Website?

A. Great Headline

A great headline grabs the attention of a visitor and can drag them throughout your website.

B. Establish Your Trust

You must add some essential things like:

  • References
  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Awards
  • Privacy policies
  • Professional designs

C. Embrace Simple Design

Remove the unnecessary distractions, and focus on simpler designs. Provide detailed guidelines which have relevant interests.

How Can You Improve Your Website Homepage?

Your website is the face of your business. Just like you want your regular place to be presentable, so should be the website. It should be clean, attractive, inviting, and professional looking.

Here are 7 most effective ways to improve your website homepage:

1. Fresh Content Should Be Updated Regularly

Fresh content should be regularly updated, if it’s not executed well and the content is kept on the website for too long, people tend to lose interest in the homepage itself.

You must schedule a monthly reminder to check your website and the content should be updated on the homepage.

2. The Website Should have Call-to-Action

Just think about it!!

What actions do you want your visitors to take?

  • Sign-up for your email list:
    Whenever people sign-up for the email list, you are giving them your connection so that you can market to them. Most email marketing software offers a simple way to insert a sign-up box.
  • Shop from your eCommerce store:
    If you sell any service or product online, you must add or embed few pictures of products on your homepage, which could link to the buying link or you can even add a prominent “Buy Now” button.
  • Fill out a lead form:
    A lead form can help you get various contact information. If you sell any service, you can encourage the users to fill out the lead form. You can follow up using the contact information.

3. Adding the Contact Information Prominently

You must examine your homepage carefully and seek whether the clients can reach you easily. There are a lot of small businesses that put their contact information in the header or footer of every page. You must include an email address, your phone number, your location, and your address. Even if you want to add a separate “Contact us” page, you should add a large prominent link to your contact page.

4. Add Various Images and Video

When you see your website homepage, do you see the long boring text? You can break the long boring texts with the images. This becomes more inviting to the visitors. You must include an image based on your business, team, or products. If you think you cannot capture a perfect image for your website, go for professional photography.

Videos are also an excellent way to showcase your product. You can even upload it on YouTube or any other video platform. Then you can embed that on your website.

5. Update Your Designs According to the Current Standards

A website that was designed 10 years ago might look a bit outdated in comparison to the one created recently. If you have to be budget-friendly with your website, you should at least redesign your homepage to create a good impression at first. You can update the rest later as and when time and money permits.

6. Page Speed Must Be Improved

If the loading speed of your homepage is slow, visitors might never go beyond that page. You should take help from various speed tests. You can also see; how can you improve the speed of your website.

7. Make It Mobile Responsive

Last but not the least, the websites must be viewable on mobile phones as well. This is more specific to the small businesses when the customer is trying to reach you out using smartphones. The websites which are not working on smartphones can be looked down upon. if you are making a new website, make sure to make it a responsive design. The case is the same for a template as well.

The Takeaways

The homepage should create visual pleasing, dialogue interactivity and attracts appropriate and potential customers. Improving your website homepage is very essential, these days you can even improvise it by outsourcing it. Website development companies help us achieve this motive. There are various web development companies that provide the best website development services in Noida, India. Just remember that the homepage is the first impression that you give your audience. It signifies that the complete website is going to be great.

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