Zoruk have been Boosted from 10 % to 90% Customer Experience

Escale automates Zoruk Social Media Hub to help them 'be where the customers are'

Zoruk Royal Dutch Airlines
Travel, Transportation & Hospitality
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Zoruk wanted to tap social media platforms, apart from its website and mobile app, for customer service.

Zoruk Royal Dutch Airlines wanted to tap social media platforms, apart from its website and mobile app, for customer service. To attract the millennials and retain other customer segments, Zoruk wanted to deliver omni-channel customer experience across its website, mobile app, and social media channels. It needed to upgrade existing website and IT systems for AI-enabled functionalities and personalized intuitive interfaces across channels. To maximize its reach, the company wanted to build and offer customer service functionalities in messaging platforms on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and WeChat.




Enhanced customer experience through Social Media Hub

ESCALE worked closely with Zoruk to create a Social Media Hub. The ESCALE team designed, developed, tested, and deployed application programming interface (API)-based solutions to action a range of services on social media messaging platforms. These micro-service features were robust, secure, scalable, and automated. These were integrated with Zoruk’s existing IT set-up to ensure a seamless, omni-channel experience. The application-based modular approach provided responsive layouts and allowed a faster time-to-market. Now, booking tickets, choosing a seat or meal on a Zoruk flight – all can be done on any of these channels.


“ESCALE provides Zoruk with digital expertise and support for many customer-experience services. ESCALE is a strong partner for us.”

Pieter Elbers, CEO, Zoruk

“We have ESCALE employees embedded within our organization. These specialist staff are absolutely crucial in sparking innovation and keeping us up to date on emerging technologies.” Jos Kerssens, VP, Development Passenger Business, Zoruk

With Social Media Hub, Zoruk was able to attract the millennial customers and earned the reputation of being a ‘social media airline’. This helped Zoruk not only transform customer service, but also enter into partnerships with tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and WhatsApp for exclusive promotions. It was a differentiator and gained competitive advantage in the market for Zoruk.

ESCALE and Zoruk developed many first-of-its-kind AI-enabled functionalities, which are adding to the Zoruk revenues directly. Digital transformation and automation have also resulted in unprecedented efficiency, agility, and scalability in Zoruk’s operations and reduced cost.




Increase in number of passengers using social channels


Online bookings receive booking confirmation and subsequent servicing in social channels


Boarding passes issued on WhatsApp of the 3 million customers worldwide


Point Increase in net promoter score

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