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Aflytica - A Revolutionary Affiliate Marketing Tracking Tool

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First Ever Hybrid Platform Affiliate Marketing Tracking Tool

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No. 1 Affiliate Marketing Tool For Your Business

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Efficient Tracking

Aflytica is the first-ever hybrid Affiliate Marketing tool. It is designed using the latest and the most efficient technology for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

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Cross Platform

Aflytica is a highly functional, and 100% responsive tool that can be used on both mobile and desktop so that you can optimize your affiliate market campaign on the go!.

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Optimise your Business

Organise Your Affiliate market campaigns on the go with Aflytica. Optimize your marketing campaigns with Aflytica.

What Our Clients Say

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Now I can easily track my marketing campaigns on my mobile phone. I recommend it to my fellow marketers as it is the only Hybrid marketing tracking tool available in the market.

Emma Gill
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Aflytica is easy to use affiliate marketing tracking tool.

Aaron Lyons
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Now I can organize my marketing campaigns on-the-go.

Erik Barber
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I was new to Marketing when I started to use Aflytica. I would like to tell you guys that its user-interface makes it easier to understand your marketing campaigns.

Jennie Rivera

See How it Works

An affiliate market tracking tool which helps the affiliate to track the marketing and promotions running online via mobile apps.

Track your Affiliate Marketing resource on-the-go with Aflytica!

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Fraud Detection

Get Fraud Clicks and Conversion insights directly in your account reporting and with unique Fraud Detection Technology

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Real-time stats providing you with the data you can trust. Create custom calculations for each report and you can save particular reports for the future assistance.

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Smart link

Monetise your extra Global Traffic with our Smart Link system on the basis of EPC or CR in real time.

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A robust infrastructure for high performance and flexibility for teams of all sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Webflow?

Consumers are inundated with ads, so it’s vital that your ad catches the eye and A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action. 

How to build a website in Webflow?

Grabbing the consumer’s attention isn’t enough; you have to keep that attention for at least a few seconds. This is where your benefits come into play or a product description that sets your offer apart from the others.

How can I add new section to the page?

How you write your advertising copy will be based on where you will place your ad. If it’s a billboard ad, you’ll need a super catchy headline and simple design due to the speed at which people will pass. Online ads are similar; consumers are so inundated with Internet advertising that your ad must be quick and catchy.

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