Element of a Strong Branding Strategy

Last week in our Escale Solutions blogging series we discussed how much difference is there in between Marketing and Business Development to get a better idea of the strategy of incorporating both of them together that will resonate with organisation’s success . Now it’s time to talk about the branding strategy for an organisation or product or service. Related: 10 Bad Habits Entrepreneurs… Read More »

10 Bad Habits Entrepreneurs Gave Up To Be Successful

As an entrepreneur, success isn’t negotiable. Shockingly, in spite of your knowledge, aspiration, and ability there are a couple of terrible identity characteristics that are likely keeping you away from understanding your maximum potential.   Along these lines, it’s beneficial to look at ten common bad habits even the most proficient individuals much of the time fall prey… Read More »

Google Algorithm: Definition, Updates History 2018

Google’s Ranking Algorithm is being changed/ updated almost every day by the developers in Google. Sometimes, those changes are tiny tweaks; some are major changes which seriously shake the SERPs (aka Search Engine Result Page).  Google Algorithm Updates, there are many. Different updates, search index changes and refreshes, everything which happened in 2018, you will find below. But… Read More »

Hiring Employees for a STARTUP?

Hiring employees for start-ups’ can be a make or break during the initial foundation of a new company. Although not a “hire” technically, you as a founder are the first key ingredient in the hiring formula. As the CEO of a startup, it is your responsibility to be in the selling mode and sell the vision and objectives… Read More »