How to Avoid 11 Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO

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Just imagine you designed the most appropriate website. You have picked beautiful and attractive images, perfect theme, designed them according to the needs of the customers thinking they would love them. But what about web design mistakes?

Here comes the problem!!

We have designed according to the customers but we don’t have any customers. The website is nowhere to be seen on page 1 or 2 or even 3 of the Google rank listing. Designing the website poorly might cause a devastating effect on the customer, you may lose your precious customer and can cause huge loss. There are a lot of small business entrepreneurs who design their websites to be cost-effective and have more control over the project. But at times they design the website which is less than ideal.

Website is designed to give a great experience to the user, it has to be enjoyable, navigable, usable, and interesting.     

There must be a lot of questions in your mind.

What’s going on?

What might be the reason for this ranking?

Your web design might be the reason for your website ranking which is so low in search engines.

Are you fed up with this pattern?

Do you want to turn things around?

Here are the 11 most common web design mistakes that may be affecting the SEO efforts and your ranking as well:

1. If the Website Navigation is Poor:

You might have observed that you open a website and have no clue where to go next, you would be confused. You would never want your visitors to feel the same way. Instead, you would want them to search for whatever they want to in a glance. You must have Google web crawlers for your website and you must internally link your important pages.

2. If the Loading Speed of the Page is Low:

When it comes to online surfing, people are always in a hurry. They are constantly looking through social media updates, cross-checking emails, and swapping between various websites at a time. This means if it takes more than 3 seconds to load the page, they will leave the website even before you know it.

How to Avoid 11 Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO: 
An image of Website Loading speed.

You need not be reminded that there are hundreds of websites with the same information as yours. If you want your users to stay on your page, you better make your website load the page in three seconds or less. You need to take care of website loading speed strictly because it is one of the major web design mistakes that hurt SEO.

The reason for the delay might be the WordPress theme.  Now the question arises, how can you fix this?

You can switch over to one of these:

  • Astra: this is one of the fastest loading themes on WordPress. It is one of the easy to use the feature as well.
  • Hello Elementor: it is one of the minimalistic and simple interfaces, it provides incredible speed.
  • OceanWP: it helps in the creation of beautiful design without affecting the loading speed.

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3. If It is Not Mobile-Friendly:

Have you met someone in today’s scenario, who doesn’t have a smartphone?

I am sure the percentage would be negligible. Since everyone owns a mobile phone. More than 52% of the people around the globe use mobile phones for using digital media. If the website is not mobile-friendly, you cannot expect it to be visible in the Search Engine Results Pages. The possibility of a visitor leaving a non-mobile-friendly website is comparatively more. So, this is also one of the common web design mistakes that are often skipped by various businesses. It only takes a few steps to make the website mobile-friendly. 

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4. If You Have a Terrible CTA:

Your CTA defines your business. It helps in giving commands to the visitors for performing some activity like: Click Here! Get a voucher!

Your CTA must tell the visitors exactly what to do next. There should be sufficient information as well regarding what would happen once they select any particular option. You need to make your CTA simple and easy to use. If users get confused while using the website they might find it annoying. You need to restrict the form-filling part, give some time on your web page before the CTA.

5. If You Use Poor Content and Whitespaces:

Content is an essential part of the website and the marketing strategy. Content glorifies your product and helps to give the details to the users. You should pay attention to the font, color, and size of the content on the page.

You need to make use of the Whitespaces in an effective way. Adding too much text to your website is a big mistake, you need to break the text properly and use the visual representation. You need to regularly update your content to extract maximum business.

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6. If It Contains Irrelevant Images:

“Every picture tells a Story”.

Images and photos convey thoughts which the content cannot. Many websites use ugly or low-quality or irrelevant images. The images that aren’t of good quality will turn off the visitors.

7. If It Has Disruptive Pop-Ups:

Is pop-up a good option?

Should Pop-up be used?

When used effectively, Pop-ups can bring more business than others. The problem occurs only when your pop-ups create an interruption to the visitors.

The sites that have annoying pop-ups won’t be ranked high on the SERPs.

The effective solution is building the pop-ups your audience love.

Once the user has gone halfway through the page, you can create some appealing pop-ups.

8. If Your Website Has An Infinite Scroll:

Have you ever faced such an issue where you have to scroll to the bottom of the web page to see the latest content?

This is called an Infinite Scroll. No matter how many webs pages your website has, your default setting would show only the top 10 posts. When Google crawls your website, they won’t be aware of the content beyond those 10 posts.

9. If It Doesn’t Have a 404 Page:

How to Avoid 11 Common Web Design Mistakes That Hurt SEO: An image of custom 404 page.

A 404 page is essential. It’s not a random page, it is one of the important pages for those visitors you want to tell your visitors that you care about their experience. With a little innovative approach, you can use the 404 pages to make visitors interested instead of not interested.

10. If the Contact Information is Not Present:

Lack of Contact information is the most common mistake. The moment the visitor is converting is crucial for your business. They must have complete information. If a person has to search for the contact information, he/she might get frustrated and leave, so you need to design a “Contact Us” page for all the relevant information.

11. If You Don’t Have a Service/Product Page:

If you don’t have a service or product page, you are letting go of the chance to be ranked for relevant keywords. You need to design in such a way that there is one product or service per page. This makes it easy for Google to understand the setup of the web pages.


A good website design agency would help in Designing the desired website for you. You can find a various website design and development companies in India that would fulfill your desire to achieve a brilliant website. And make sure people find your website on Google. You need to check for these common web design mistakes and fix them to get the desired results.

When you hire a professional web designing company in Noida like us, it is possible for the designers who have an understanding of design concepts to avoid those mistakes that make the difference to the success of your website. Website is a long term investment, so you should pay special care and attention to your website design.

If you are planning to create a new website design or not getting the desired results from your existing website, let us resolve those issues and get your website updated and work for your business!

Contact us or call us at +91-8178045778!

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