11 Reasons Why You Should Go for Website Redesign

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In this digital era, the website plays a crucial role in every business. If you use your website effectively it can create a great impact on the client’s mind. The more user-friendly your website would be, the more it will help your business to flourish. Your website speaks for your brand. In this era of digitalization, you need to overshadow other brands by making a significant impact on the user and one such major impact starts with a website redesign.

If you are someone who has a website but is not updating it regularly. Its high time to recognize what crucial role your website plays in your business.

The business website gives an insight into your brand. So, an outdated website tends to kick to the curb.

Why Go for Website Redesign?

If you are not able to extract maximum benefit from your website you definitely have a purpose to look into some of the important reasons why you should redesign your website.

1. Loading Time of Your Website

With the technological advancement everything is a click away from us, so is the website. Loading time is the first thing you notice as soon as you search for a website.  Your website should undergo a speed tester. You can use gtmetrix.com or tools.pingdom.com to see the loading time of your website. If your website takes more than 5 seconds you certainly have some work to do.

People tend to switch to a faster loading website than wait for a slower one to load. There can be many reasons for the same like excessive HTTP requests, unoptimized images, too much flash content, unclean code, or too many adds. Once you rectify the problem, you can make the necessary changes.

2. No Updated/Fresh Content or Isn’t Eye Catchy

Trends change with each passing day so does the style or designs. “OLD IS GOLD” is a good saying which doesn’t fits into the technological world. People crave for new designs, content and surely value it.

Fresh content increases your chances of being noticed. The more exclusive content you update, there is a good chance of your website being exposed on the top in the search results. If you want good sales from your business website, then your website must be SEO friendly as well. In these scenarios, you really need to redesign your website.

3. Bounce Back Rate is High

Firstly, you need to understand the term bounce back rate. It is an internet marketing term that is used for the analysis of the web traffic. The basic representation is those visitors who enter the site and then leave/bounce rather than resuming to view other pages of the same site.

 There could be many reasons for losing visitors over the time.

  • Content looks outdated.
  • Your website designs or graphics looks outdated
  • Doesn’t caters to the need of the visitors
  • Too complex to understand

You can check your website’s bounce-back rate via google analytics and if it’s high, you need to do some website redesign work.

4. Websites Functionalities on Mobiles and Tablets

Statistics show that eight out of ten web surfers visit a website from a mobile or a tablet. If your site is less responsive to such devices, you tend to lose a great number of web traffic. We carry mobiles more often and hence is used for quick browsing.

If your website doesn’t work well on smart devices, people may switch to those sites which fulfill their needs. Google, Facebook, Instagram, and many others have also focused on their functionalities on mobiles and tablets.

If you face problem with your website in such devices, you need to consider making some amends in your website.

5. Security Issues

It is of utmost importance to keep your website and the data being uploaded on a website to be secure. Lots of websites have forms in which people are required to share their personal information such as E-mail id, phone number, address, etc. hence the website should be reliable. Once a website is hacked you need to rebuild everything from scratch. So, it is very essential to redesign and update the security mechanism of your website.

6. Management Issues

Updating a website is a time-consuming task. If you are someone who is good at programming or has a team of individuals for keeping a check on the website, you are in luck. But every business cannot afford a separate individual for website maintenance.

Loads of issues are faced for managing a website

  • The website is not coded properly.
  • You want your website to be dynamic.
  • You have time constraints.

In such cases, you should consider redesigning your site. But that would require programming expertise. The good news is, we can build our website using CMS. CMS is a software application that can be used to build, manage, modify, and publish content in a site without coding it.

Latest CMS available are:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento

7. Right Target Audience

The effectiveness of your website depends on how many clients you are able to attract. If you are not getting enough inquiries from the right kind of audience then you definitely need to target the right market.

Regularly update your content and remove the content which is irrelevant to your website. This will filter out the requirements for both the user and the websites.

8. Complex Navigation

Complex navigation that is difficulty in understanding can be a major reason for the visitor to leave your website immediately. The flow of your website should be easily understandable.

If you face such problems you should consider redesigning it.

9. Faulty Websites

The biggest disappointment to any user is to click on a link and the window pops up “This page/link no longer exists”. If your website has broken links or antiquated offers, you immediately need to take action. Redesigning would be ideal in such conditions.

10. Doesn’t Justify Your Brand

Your website speaks for your brand. Your website promotes your business all the time. If you have done any amends to your brand you need to reflect them on your website as well. This is very essential to attract the right clients.

11. Technical Troubleshooting

 If you spend more time troubleshooting instead of providing customer support then there is a major problem. It can be troublesome to constantly receive messages and emails asking why a certain feature doesn’t work as it should. So instead of catering to such queries, it is advisable to redesign the website.

Let’s have a look into below video related to website redesign reasons:

Is it Time For a Website Redesign? Here’s How to Know For Sure, (Courtesy: Youtube)


I hope you find these 11 reasons useful. It is very important to maximize your business using a website. Great marketing techniques should be used in order to maximize profit. Escale Solutions is a well-known name of a leading website designing company in Delhi which caters to your needs. It provides website designing services such as researching the latest trends, designing templates, selecting platforms, customizations, optimizing, and analyzing the website. The website is a digital image of your brand you should use it innovatively.

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