5 Things to Consider Before Redesigning a Website

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If you have made up your mind to redesigning a website, you would be looking forward to it.

Isn’t it exciting to see your website turning glamourous?

A shiny brand-new website with all the latest features is definitely what you would crave for. But rushing into things can lead to big blunders, so it should be well thought upon before making a decision.

According to surveys, two out of three users prefer to browse through a well-designed website. Before redesigning a website, you have to look after the essential points so that you get whatever you are looking for.

If you carry out proper analysis according to the below-mentioned points, your redesigning project would be a great hit.

Let’s move forward.

What is Website Redesign?

As the name signifies website redesign is a process of renovation of your existing site, which depends on the need for a site. Some websites might need minor editing and some might need complete transformation.

Now the next question which comes to our mind is:

What are the Benefits of Redesigning Your Website?

Redesigning a website is more like an investment rather than an expenditure for your future. The list of benefits of website redesign is much longer than the price tag it brings along with it.

The Website redesign is helping as follows:

  • Helps in the improvement of conversion rate
    If you are facing a very low conversion rate, it might be because of improper navigation or an outdated process. There might be several issues, a new site can solve all the issues.
  • Boosting the image of the brand
    If your brand is not able to reach the target audience, a website redesign can solve this problem.
  • Management of the content
    You might be facing problems regarding the management of the content, if you switch to CMS like WordPress, it would make content easy to update.
  • Money-saving
    If you start redesigning your website from the scratch, it would be very expensive but if you properly plan and spend on the required potion only, it will save you money in the long run.

You must be wondering when should you go for a website redesign?

These few points would give you a glimpse of it, you can check:

  • If the design is outdated.
  • When the bounce rate is high.
  • Unnecessary content.
  • The Website has bad or broken links.
  • The search engine ranking is not good.

To confirm your doubts, you can always consult various website redesign companies, they will help you with the same.

Things to Consider Before Redesigning a Website

Number 1: You Can Perform A/B Testing

A/B testing is also called split testing. You can conduct A/B testing which would let you compare two different versions of a webpage to determine which one has a better performance. The layout of the website can be decided by this method.

Number 2: You Should Review Your Current Website

What are the thoughts in your mind while going through your website?
There might be certain features which you like about your site and a few features which you might not like. You can list down both of them and keep the features you like and remove the other ones without affecting your business. You can also take help from various website designing companies, they would help you understand whether the features need to be amended or the website needs a total makeover.

Number 3: Web Redesign Checklist is Required

The checklist would help you to undertake all the necessary steps required before starting the web development. They include the preparations to be made beforehand. As you accomplish a task from your checklist, you can cut it out.

Number 4: Establish a Reasonable Deadline

The Website redesign is not a piece of cake, it might take several months. According to the survey, it takes more than a year to redesign a website. So, a deadline would help achieve the target on time. You can share the timeline with the rest of the organization. This would help them know how long would it take before the new changes come into effect.

Number 5: Know Your Competition and Choose the Right Platform

When you design your website, you want something unique and not copied from your competitor’s. You should always refer to your competitor’s site, which would give you valuable information about the best practices you can adopt and the latest trends for your industry and business type. This would give your ideas for the features you want on your site. You can also check which latest platforms are your rivals working on. Your website should be built on a CMS that would help you add, change, and delete the content on your website. The CMS can be open-source or proprietary.

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Redesigning a website takes a lot of effort. You must have read through this blog. The process can be made easy when you have a website design company, Escale Solutions by your side. We understand your needs and have a brilliant team that can simplify your journey.

Do you have any doubts about a website redesign?

Do share them in the comments below.

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