The Top 6 Marketing Channels You Should Focus on in 2021

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“Business has only two functions-innovation and marketing”. Whether you have a small business or a large scale one, you would want to extract maximum profit out of it. And to extract profit from your business, you need different marketing channels.

Marketing always comes hand in hand with the context. Content plays a vital role in the marketing of any brand. We expect a high return on investment when we talk in terms of business. We face a lot of amendments when we deal with different business strategies.

What are the Marketing Channels?

These are the channels that are used by any company to reach to their end client. They have interdependency on each other. They provide a pathway for the product to reach the end-user.

The pathway through which the product reaches the end-users are called Distribution channels.

Here are a few reasons regarding the importance of marketing channels:

  • Information provider
  • Stability of the price
  • Promotion
  • Pricing strategy
  • Matching demand and supply of the product

Now you know how important is it to have a marketing channel. So, here are some top marketing channels which will be helpful in 2021:

1. Social Networking

It is rightly said,

“Social media tools are not just about giving people a voice but giving them away to collaborate, contribute and connect”.

Marketing Channels : Escale Social Network image

Social media plays a crucial role in today’s market. Customers are always in search of new products or services through these platforms. People like to surf various social media before making a single purchase. Social media allows people to create certain groups or communities and helps in marketing.

>>Creating Relationship Rather Than Sales

People like to connect with you along with your brand. Customers want to get involved in the lives of social influencers. You should always greet them well and should never make them feel unwanted.


You need to maintain a very thin line between the professional approach and making the people involved in your life. Equilibrium has to be maintained. You should also embrace the negativity which comes your way.

>>Choose the Platform Wisely

You need to be active on the platform, you have to choose to display your business on.

2. Word of Mouth

Markeing Channels: Escale Word of mouth image

Word of mouth is the most effective way of communication. You will always remember and cherish any product which was flaunted by your friend in front of you, instead of a product shown by a salesperson.

>>Referral Method

In this method, you can offer some discounts or a voucher. Make the incentive attractive to the customer. This helps the customer to make a decision easily.

>>Feedback Method

After any purchase or any service taken by the customer, you should take feedback about the reviews of the customer.

>>Showcase Method

If the client has left a review then you should showcase it. This is helpful in building the trust of the customer.

3. E-mail

E-mail is considered to be old school. But according to the survey, email has grown every single year since 2012. Last year, the number of email users globally were 3.9 billion and is expected to grow by 4.48 billion users by 2024.

Marketing Channels: Escale Email image

If you subscribe to any of the publications, e-mail is helpful in keeping up with the newsletter.

>>Personalized Mail

The e-mail should be made immediately relevant to the receiver. This helps in the growth of traffic which further helps in the increment of the conversion rate.

>>Short and Effective

The content in the e-mail should be short and to the point. The content should create a good impact on readers.

>>Always Mention the Subject

When the user goes through an e-mail he/she should have a valid reason to go through the complete mail. People tend to lose interest if the subject doesn’t catch their attention.

4. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC) is a business model where a company posts an advertisement on the host website and pays for it, every time a user clicks on the advertisement. If you want, you can set your own budget and control the cost of each click or cost per impression.

Marketing Channels: Escale Google screenshot of PPC ad
An example of PPC ad on Google. (Reference from Google SERP)

Google ads and Facebook paid ads to help to create your services to the customers.

5. SEO and Digital Content Marketing

Marketing Channels: Escale SEO image

Content is a valuable tool. The content written in the posts offers SEO benefits for a very long time. Google is one possible destination for anything you search for. Search engines help to increase the conversion rate. Content marketing should focus on high-end content to get the desired result.
The content should be:


The content should be valuable. It should have some relevance to the topic you are writing about. For example: If you want to fix your watch, you should not write “How to take it out from the watch case”.

>>Strategic Work

Content should not be written, just for the sake of creating some content. It should really accomplish something. Content should be written with a strategy in mind and implementing it, to develop content.

6. Podcasting

According to the survey, people are even listening to the online podcast audio content. People spend hours tuning into their favorite podcasts. They help the brand to tell their story and people can hear it anywhere and at any time.

Marketing Channels: Escale Podcasting image

The major reasons for using this as a marketing tool is:

  • Podcasts are unique
  • It is sustainable
  • It is purposeful


We have various marketing channels these days. Due to these, people are more involved in online marketing. Consistency is the key to creating these marketing strategies to grow and flourish. You can showcase your product to all those channels you want the product to be on.

You can focus on the above-mentioned strategy and try them and see what wonders it creates in the conversion rate. When you are investing time in marketing you should succeed and reach your desired goal. I hope these marketing techniques are helpful to you. And if any business or startup wants to know which marketing channel will suit them, then they can feel free to contact us.

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