7 Best Strategies to Decrease Website’s Bounce Rate

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What is the Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate is referred to as the percentage of the users who leave the webpage without any action like clicking a link or filling a form or making a purchase.

Importance of Bounce Rate

  • The bounce rate might help in increasing the conversion rate.
  • It can increase your google ranking factor.
  • It might tell you that you have issues with content, user experience.

According to the survey, the average bounce rate range is between 41% to 51%. However, the dependency of the bounce rate is on the industry you are dealing with.

The basic reason people bounce back are:

  • Bad user experience
  • Design isn’t good
  • The page isn’t what you expect
  • Low relevance

If you are trying to increase traffic on your website and aren’t able to, your bounce rate must be high. Basically, the visitors and customers who go through your website bounce back, before they are given a chance of a conversion. You definitely don’t want a high bounce rate. One of the best ways to increase the conversion rate is by having more than one landing page. If you observe a high bounce rate, it is an alarming thing that tells us to review the content or redesign the website. As soon as you reduce the bounce rate, it helps in boosting up your conversion rate.

A single-page session on your website is referred to as bounce. When the bounce value decreases, the views increase and there is more engagement, which increases the conversions and ultimately the revenue.

So in this article, you will know the best strategies to decrease the bounce rate.

1. Create Captivating Content

When the target audience is attracted to the website, it shows their keen interest in it. They might leave it due to a lack of readability. It is very essential to make a great user experience for the users. The user experience begins when your content is authentic and readable.

When you provide large chunks of content, users tend to get upset and try to avoid the website. The formatting has to be up to mark. The bounce rate and the exit rate becomes high.

Few tips and tricks to develop your content:

  • Always use a lot of subheadings
  • Try to use bullets to explain the advantageous points
  • Make it more interactive
  • Use bold keywords and subheadings
  • Put a lot of questionnaire in the content
  • Always conclude your content

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2. Don’t Disrupt the User Experience by Adding Pop-Ups Ads

Screenshot image of pop ad

According to a survey, 70% of the people get annoyed by the pop-ups ads. It is a very debatable topic among the business owners and marketers whether you should use pop-ups or not. Pop-ups should be avoided as they create a high bounce rate. On the other hand, some pop-ups work miraculously. But if you want to create a long term customer, it is suggested to restrict the pop-ups.

3. Increase the Relevancy Rate

If we keep aside the technical considerations, one of the biggest factors is whether the solution is relevant or not. Some SEO target those keywords which are relevant to the query only. If the website isn’t directly related to the user’s query, then the traffic is going to bounce. The more relevant the content is, the more chances are there that they stick to the website.

4. Make Your Website Easily Accessible and Searchable

Website search functionality is one of the factors that can be considered. Although this factor is considered an afterthought by various websites. The website should be easily accessible, people should be able to use the website without any difficulties. The websites should be easily available for the user, they should easily find whatever they are looking for.

5. Improvise Your Brand Storytelling

Stories help the customer to relate themselves with the brand. A good story can bring life to your brand and make it blossom. Customers always long to study something they find exciting or eye-catchy. A good story can connect the rest of the content with your brand. You have to fit in the customer’s shoes to see things from their perspective. You should be honest in telling your brand story, this would bring the trust of the customers towards the brand.

6. Usage of Target Keywords

“Keywords are the masters of the content”.

If you want to improve the search process, you have to target the high valued keywords. These high-value keywords attract maximum traffic leading to a high conversion rate. Although all the keywords aren’t useful, some are important while others are not very useful.

These keywords will help in sending high valued customers to the website. The more time customers spend on the website, the more chances are to increase the conversion rate.

7. Target the Right Audience

The better the content, the better business you can extract.

If your website isn’t getting the right customers and providing a good conversion rate, it’s definitely time to improvise your website. You need to be specific about your market and the right audience. If you are running any campaign, you need to get the right audience. You need to find people who are actually interested in your business. The right audience would give a lower bounce rate, hence a great conversion rate. Normally a long article having long questions and answers should be high quality which answers all the questions asked by the customers.


In the above article, various points specify the necessity to reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate. The bounce rate is basically a key metric because it tells about various aspects like relevancy, marketing, user experience, etc. I hope these points give you an insight into how to reduce the bounce rate. Escale Solutions is the leading web designing company in Gurgaon that would help reduce the bounce rate of your website. Contact us today and get the free quotes on your project!

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