8 Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

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Certainly, WordPress is one of the most popular, stable, and secure CMS platforms. However, a lot can still go wrong on WordPress. These are called common WordPress errors and believe us they can turn out to be nightmares.

Minor WordPress issues sometimes become major problems. Issues like WSOD, broken links, plugins error, memory issues can affect your site’s credibility and if you run an eCommerce store it might affect your income. To stay away from the mistakes, it is very vital to hire an experienced WordPress development company that has vast experience in technical knowledge and great creativity levels.

These errors pop-up out of the blue and at times you have no clue how to fix them.

There are a few common WordPress errors that every WordPress user faces once in a lifetime. These are those WordPress errors that can be fixed with little guidance.

In this article, we’ll discuss some common WordPress errors and will guide you on how to fix each one of them in a simple way.

So, let’s begin:

1. Internal Server Error

Perhaps one of the most common and confusing WordPress errors is the Internal Server error. Every WordPress user may encounter this error multiple times.

Common WordPress errors: Internal Server Error screenshot

This error occurs when sometimes is wrong with the site but the server is unable to detect what is actually causing the problem. Since it doesn’t display any message that indicates what’s wrong you have to look up first what is wrong and then fix it.

The internal server error is sometimes caused by theme or plugins functions. Or due to exhausted PHP memory of corrupted files.

Sometimes internal server error only occurs when users try to access the admin panel of their site.

To fix it you can do a couple of things:

  • Check for all the corrupted.ht access files.
  • Increase the PHP memory limit.
  • Deactivate all the plugins to check which one is causing the error.
  • Re-upload WordPress core files.
  • If nothing works, contact your web hosting server.

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2. Error Establishing a Database Connection

This is one of the most common and easiest WordPress errors to fix. The message clearly indicates what the problem is and where you should get into it in order to fix it. Since the problem is with database connection, it can be a bit challenging for WordPress beginners to fix.

Common WordPress Errors: Error Establishing a Database Connection Screenshot

Usually, this error takes place when users enter incorrect database credentials. Not only is this the cause of the error, but there are also a couple of other causes too.

Sometimes your database crashes because of the server being unresponsive or may have been corrupted.  Mostly this error occurs because of entering incorrect login credentials.

Let’s look at some common and easy solutions to fix this common error:

  • Check the database login credentials of WordPress
  • Check your WordPress database host info
  • Repair your WordPress database
  • Make sure to check if your database server is in working order

3. White Screen of Death

When you’re trying to access your website but it results in a white plain screen, it’s actually a WordPress error known as White Screen of Death (WSOD).

Common WordPress Errors: White Screen of Death screenshot

This is one of the most confusing and difficult errors to fix because you actually have no clue what’s actually wrong with the site. Usually, this occurs because of the exhausted PHP memory limit.  It can also happen due to any configuration on the server.

It’s not necessary that this occurs on every web page. Sometimes it can only affect certain sections/pages of a site.

However, to fix this issue, you do a few things like,

  • Increase PHP memory limit.
  • Disable all plugins and enable them to turn by turn to find the culprit.
  • Replace your current theme with a default WordPress theme.
  • Do clear all the cache.
  • Try to fix long articles/posts.

4. Image Upload Error

Sometimes while inspecting your WordPress site, you might see broken image placeholders instead of the image you have uploaded. When you try to upload or attach an image with a post-it result in an error.

Common WordPress Errors: Image Upload Error image

At times, all the media files uploaded in the media library appear broken. This error usually occurs due to wrong file/directory permissions.  To fix this issue you will have to use an FTP client to change file permissions.

5. Exhausted Memory Error

Common WordPress Errors: Exhausted Memory Error screenshot

This error usually indicates WSOD error or you may see an error message like below,

Fatal error code snippet

Most commonly, this error occurs when your WordPress PHP limit is exhausted because of a newly installed or updated WordPress plugin or WordPress script.

To solve this error, there is only one solution i.e., to increase the PHP memory limit. Just go to the wp-config.php file and edit it. You can tweak a line of code to fix this error.

Code snippet

Tweak the line of code by adding this little piece of code, that’s it.

6. ‘This Site Ahead Contains Harmful Programs’ Error

To protect visitors from brute force attacks, Google marks down those websites on which they find any suspicious and malicious content. It marks it down by giving out this warning.

Common WordPress Errors: Harmful Programs Error screenshot

Google usually does this when your website is hacked by malware practitioners and they have injected malicious content in it. Another reason why your website is giving this warning alert is because of the low-quality ads network. These are those advertising networks that usually link to malware polluted sites.

To fix this error, first, you need to scan your website for malicious content. Once you have found the infected area, clean it using a malware cleaning plugin.

Once you’ve removed all the malicious content from your site, you need to request Google to remove this warning from your site.

7. Syntax Error

Adding code snippets into WordPress can create problems if accidentally users miss something or enter incorrect code. The problem this can lead to is syntax error or PHP parse error.

Common WordPress Errors: Syntax Error screenshot

When this error occurs, you may see an error message or notice displayed on your screen which says,

Parse error snippet

When Something unexpected occurs, WordPress displays this message. To fix this error all you have to do is enter the correct syntax. Usually, users miss on brackets or accidentally add up any other special character that later on causes a syntax error.

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8. 404 Page Not Found Error

Common WordPress errors: 404 Page Not Found Error image

Sometimes when you’re trying to access a particular website, it results in this error instead of the site that you want to access.

This message cannot cause any harm to visitors but this can be a stressful situation when you are restricted to access a site from where you need to acquire any information.

You can easily avoid this error if you take some precautionary measure beforehand including,

Twice a month check all the links integrated on your WordPress site. If you find any broken link, immediately replace/remove it.

If you’ve recently changed your site’s URL, we strongly suggest you implement a redirecting method. 


There are numerous issues WordPress users face on a daily basis. In this article, we’ve only listed the most common WordPress errors that every WP user faces once in a month or so.

Thanks to the huge support community of WordPress, solving technical issues isn’t painful anymore. If you come across any such error that you can’t fix on your own, head to WordPress forums or check out YouTube tutorials on how to fix WordPress errors.

If that won’t solve your issue, you can always contact an expert WordPress website development company to get your issue resolved in no time.

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