Branding Case Studies Every Marketer Must Know

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Numerous enormous organizations have started to explore different avenues regarding social media, and have made a plunge into the universe of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and much more. While despite everything others remain generally wary of the new measurements and draw rather than push approach, organizations, for example, Southwest Airlines and Ford have demonstrated the accomplishment of joining these new platforms into the organizational culture.

If you’re thinking which big brands can do it best, here are 5 big brands case studies that every marketer must know:

Southwest Airlines: Personalize your brand

SouthWest Airlines logo

Southwest Airlines has efficiently used social media networks to put a light on what makes their company different from others.  From promoting a viral video of a rapping flight attendant on YouTube to making announcements for the customers of flight delays on Twitter to uploading customer photographs on their blog, Southwest Airlines has built their image into a customer-friendly, unique, and personable brand, with which every customer can build a long-lasting and memorable relationship.

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Comcast: Serve your customers.

Comcast logo

Is your television connection annoying? Instead of sitting and listening to that high-pitched music while on hold indefinitely, tweet about to @comcastcares. Comcast has found a way to reply back quickly and straight to customers, especially disappointed and unhappy ones. The company uses Twitter to monitor customer feedback, reactions, and complaints and responds within minutes to not-so-favorable posts.

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Ford: Resolve emerging issues.

Ford logo

When Ford made an internal error that involved threatening enthusiast sites with lawsuits about copyright infringement, the enraged public quickly made the situation a big deal. The saving factor emerged when Ford’s community manager clarified the story and immediately informed the public via social media. Furthermore, as the company resolved the situation, the public was informed every step of the way, preventing further confusion and frustration.

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Starbucks: Request direct feedback

Starbucks Coffee logo

“My Starbucks Idea” is the popular coffee brand’s consumer portal where every customer can submit their ideas and vote/comment on other people’s thoughts about improving the existing product(s).  In a company where the “experience” compensates for the high prices, it is in Starbucks’ best interest to receive feedback directly from the customers themselves. The corresponding “ Ideas in Action Blog ” is written by Starbucks employees and discusses ideas that are being implemented while responding to other suggestions.

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Sun Microsystems: Increase company transparency

Sun Microsystems logo

In a world where trade secrets are protected and gaffes are hidden, Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems, publishes a CEO blog that addresses company issues and discloses business advancements. By empowering two-route communication between the head management and employees/clients, Sun Microsystems advances a culture of straightforwardness and genuineness, in which everybody can get perceivability into the organization’s actions.



In spite of being a standout amongst the most utilized Visas on the planet, Visa had distinguished a passionate separation between its image and its clients.

Industry explores recommended that brands have individuals’ consideration for simply 6.5 seconds, so Visa made the GoInSix battle where the brand would create intelligent substances intended to persuade individuals to eat, shop, and travel, utilizing either six-second recordings, six-picture vignettes or six words.

The crusade kept running over the majority of its social channels and Visa asked influencers to transfer their own GoInSix stories.

Visa’s Facebook commitment score positioning went from seventh to first in ‘back’ and moved to second in all way of life brands. The crusade conveyed 284m earned impressions, multiple times in excess of a past Visa battle, which had multiple times more media spend.

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Microsoft Logo

Microsoft expected to demonstrate to a crowd of people attracted far from IE9 by Google Chrome, that its program was similarly as energizing, quick and simple to utilize.

Microsoft collaborated with executive Edgar Wright and artist Tommy Lee Edwards to make an enlivened story, The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator.

After each film, the viewer was able to contribute ideas, messages, prose, and drawings through an interactive hub, all using the capabilities of IE9.

The crowdsourced, immersive story led to:

  • 600,000 unique visitors to the Brandon Generator site
  • 10,000 crowd-sourced entries to create subsequent chapters
  • 308,342 organic YouTube views
  • 2m media-driven YouTube views
  • IE market share finished ahead of target (target: 51.8%, actual: 53.9%)
  • 7m IE9 downloads

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IKEA logo Branding Case Studies Every Marketer Must Know

In 2011 the IKEA list had more rivalry from other print and online distributions than any time in recent memory. The list required reexamination, anyway it required in excess of an advanced just arrangement.

Ikea made an enlarged reality application to empower advanced mobile phone clients to open expanded substance. This upgraded the experience of perusing the index, subsequently breathing new life into its pages and giving purchasers a persistent brand involvement.

IKEA Magazine Branding Case Studies Every Marketer Must Know

The structure, innovation, and narrating upgrade transformed the inventory understanding into an advancing advancement stage, which created continuous knowledge around shopper inclination.

All around, the application was the No.1 downloaded promoting application for a brand in 2012 and the list has gotten multiple times the consideration of the 2011 list.

The new print and application encounter prompted an expansion in commitment with a six-minute time spent in application versus the normal 3 min with simply the index. The 42 searchable pages saw a 35 % expansion in filtering. The application was downloaded on 6.2m occasions.

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Manchester United

Manchester United Logo

Manchester United has an enormous worldwide after, with more than 300m fans in Asia alone. Interfacing with this fanbase is a key piece of the club’s procedure.

It distinguished that online life stages are one of the essential strategies by which it connects with and executes with its worldwide after, and can be utilized to make new income streams.

Manchester United Facebook Page Branding Case Studies Every Marketer Must Know

Man United propelled an authority Facebook page in 2010 and posts a normal of ten times each day, regularly running rivalries to catch information and utilizing substance to help backers’ necessities, and additionally running surveys and asking fans’ feelings. Its timetable likewise shows the historical backdrop of the club.

In July 2013 the club propelled a nearness on both Twitter and Chinese site Sina Weibo.

On Twitter, it takes advantage of its players’ individual followings, with Q&As and in addition news, with a normal of ten tweets every day. It tweets loads of photographs and sharing apparatus refreshes and infographics. A comparable methodology is gone up against Seina Weibo, with the greater part of posts hitting more than 100 offers inside a couple of hours.

With over 34.5m Facebook ‘likes’, MUFC is a standout amongst the most well-known brands on Facebook. Both Twitter and Sina Weibo accounts pulled in more than 700,000 adherents inside a little more than a multi-month of propelling, with the dominant part of Twitter posts averaging more than 700 retweets. Its Google+ page additionally obtained in excess of 40,000 adherents inside not exactly multi-month.


WaterAid Logo Branding Case Studies Every Marketer Must Know

‘The Big Dig’ by WaterAid was a coordinated battle which brought gathering pledges, correspondences, and nation program groups together to raise over £2.5m for WaterAid’s work in Malawi through advanced narrating.

Portable blogging direct from Malawi implied supporters and donators could see their help in real life and meet the general population they were supporting.

It was a first for the part, utilizing social stages and versatile devices so supporters could meet individuals whose youngsters were biting the dust from an absence of clean water, meet up with them to transform it, and look as a truck penetrated the borehole bringing the town clean water.

The Big Dig was WaterAid’s best gathering pledges and mindfulness crusade, raising £2.6m (counting government coordinating) against an objective of £1.2m and bringing perfect, safe water and sanitation to 134,000 individuals in Malawi.

Computerized channels including the Big Dig blog raised £75,000 straightforwardly, yet in addition, drove commitment and reach to expand the general outcome. 7% of new supporters agreed to accept email updates or left a remark.

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