Hiring Employees for a STARTUP?

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Hiring employees for start-ups’ can be a make or break during the initial foundation of a new company.

Although not a “hire” technically, you as a founder are the first key ingredient in the hiring formula.

As the CEO of a startup, it is your responsibility to be in the selling mode and sell the vision and objectives of your startup to people everywhere.

In addition to raising capital for the company, you also need to talk to your clients regarding the product they want you to build.

“If you don’t take [hiring] seriously, nobody else in your company is going to.”

~ Leah Scanlan

So, the following fundamental points should be kept in mind while hiring employees which will solve your problem for

How to Hire Employees


The most important feature of a startup is what it stands for and what it plans to do in the future.

As the founder, you need to be clear with the vision, goals, and objectives of the startup.

Your clarity of thought will definitely attract potential employees who will look forward to work for a substantial cause and eventually be motivated to join the startup.

Based on whether the company offers services as an application developer or a web developer, you need to jot down short-term and long-term goals for the company.

A worthy vision is what’ll attract people in the first place.


You may (or perhaps you may not) have come across terms like behavioral-based interviewing, targeted selection based interviewing, and competency-based interviewing.

Each of these techniques assesses a candidate’s past performance and focuses on results.

As tempting as it may be, you should never ask hypothetical questions (for example “how would you deal with a specific situation?”).

The questions you ask a candidate during an interview must assess past behavior since that is the best way to predict future performance.

You don’t just want the best applicant.

You want to find the best person for the job.

When assessing your candidates’ responses, think of the word STAR and ensure that your candidates describe a specific Situation, the Task they were faced with, the action they took, and the result of their actions.


It is of utmost importance to have people around initially who have a passion for the work they will do.

They act as the glue that keeps the company together and plays an important role in inspiring potential future employees.

This passion may exist in individuals who have acquired these skills either in traditional ways or by utilizing endless resources of online content.

Relying on educational credentials in tech hiring closes off a huge pool of skilled, driven candidates who have built up talent through non-traditional channels.

Don’t close off your company to talented candidates — look at who’s going to take your company where it needs to go, not who just checks off all the boxes.


The point is not to fully focus on a candidate’s skill set but also on the values that you as a founder are looking for in a new team member.

Think about what behaviors and values you want all your team members to demonstrate.

You can always train someone who might not quite possess all the necessary skills for a job, but behaviors, attributes, and values and pretty much impossible to change.

Values such as a ‘never give up’ attitude is very vital in tech companies since employees might face a difficult problem for a long time.

You cannot recruit people who just give up easily and might walk out on you. Interviewers now look for examples of past challenges, professional or personal, and ways candidates have pushed past obstacles.

No company can achieve any level of success without a talented, well-balanced workforce.

For example with Facebook, their focus on providing a culture of the community, international growth, and diversity, balancing work and play, and developing smart, creative ways of reaching target audiences implies that they’ve got a good thing going on with their hiring efforts.


Startups are famous for overly-casual work environments and substantial benefits.

It’s great that company X offers free beer on tap and encourages Halo tournaments on Thursdays, but those things are hard to think through when you are still trying to gain traction and get your feet under yourself.

Benefits are important because they define your company culture, but they are also important because they show your employees that you value the hard work they have put into your company.

One must also encourage employees the importance of collaboration and be working together such as we do in Escale Solutions.

Startups are risky for everyone involved. But the next moment it rises, you have fortune coming your way.

Convincing people to drink your particular batch of Kool-Aid is one thing, but you also have to acknowledge that they have something to lose.

The early hiring’s are taking a risk as high as the founders.

In most cases, the first hiring’s are making the move with open eyes and they understand the risk-opportunity trade-off. That should be respected.


One key trait of a skilled hiring manager is the ability to see the potential, not just evidence of past success.

Look for someone who has a strong interest or passion for causes or missions that are similar to yours, and, separately, evidence that the person is really good at what he or she has done before (even if that’s a variety of different things).

Unlocking potential has to do with marrying someone’s skills and passions, so even if a person hasn’t yet found a way to truly unleash herself if your position can do it for her, you’ll likely see results.


You need to sell the vision and the goals of your company, whenever and wherever you get the opportunity to.

Speaking engagements are great opportunities to sell your company and vision to potential future co-workers.

Networking with different people and as a result building, your brand is the key to get maximum feedback and response.

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