How Recruitment Process Has Changed during Covid-19

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We have seen a new world since the commencement of this pandemic. It seems life is at a standstill and we see nothing ahead of us, It is just like a dark cloud. People have undergone a transition phase. Enjoying the outings, family meetings, working, and even running basic errands are not the same anymore. So it is not surprising to say that the recruitment process has also been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The perspective of hiring and getting hired has changed drastically. People are depending on technology to find a perfect match for them. The recruitment process is undergoing a transition phase and this is majorly led by automation and technology.  From all the confusion and panic around in the first few months of the pandemic to systematic planning and implementations, the business owners have to carry out a new approach for the recruitment process. There are some amends which have been made during this time. 

This has led to the growing need of Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Robotics process automation. These three factors immensely impact the hiring procedure. 

Here is an insight into how the pandemic has affected the recruitment industry:

1. Transforming to the Online Hiring Process

Hiring is one such process where the candidate is tested according to their knowledge, caliber, personality, gestures, and confidence. Hence face to face interviews or meetings has always been a basic requirement. 

But this has changed tremendously!

Recruitment Process: Online Hiring Process image

Companies are organizing the hiring process online for their own safety as well as the safety of others. Therefore they are moving to the online recruitment process. Escale Solutions, a leading website development company in Gurgaon has successfully hired many employees during the COVID-19 lockdown.

According to the current scenario, the process of online recruitment might be adopted by various companies. 

Remote interviews have become the basic norms of today. Many companies used to organize skype interviews as a part of the initial process. But this has come into force completely during the pandemic.

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2. Candidate Sourcing

Finding the top talent and right candidate for your organization is very essential. But due to this havoc situation, companies wouldn’t want to select undeserving candidates also. In this case, AI plays a vital role. AI automates the sourcing efforts, it drags the right profiles from multiple sources and shortlists the potential candidates. You don’t have to advertise much, the work can be done with a few clicks as well. 

3. Screening the Candidate Through Virtual Interviews

The situation is tough for both the candidate as well as the recruiter. To avoid physical contact with anyone, face to face interviews are discouraged. The recruitment team may remain the same in size or shrink as well. The AI chatbots have helped in shortlisting the applicants as they undergo a predefined questionnaire that pre-screens them for the role.

There are certain things a candidate can keep in mind before undergoing an interview process

  • Download the software if required
  • Practice all the mock questions related to your profile
  • Practice maintaining the right face expression

4. Scheduling of the Interview

Recruitment Process: Scheduling of the Interview Image

It is difficult to interview a candidate right in the middle of his/her current job. By using automation techniques, the interview process can be scheduled. It helps the candidates to find a slot that suits their schedule as well. 

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5. Builds More Meaningful Working Relations 

It is a possibility that the working scenario has led to a gap between the recruiters as well as the candidates. So to fill that gap, there is a greater need for communication as well as collaborations. It is very essential to provide all the details about the insights and the briefing is done properly so that nothing gets lost in this space created between us.

6. Focus on Virtual Job Fairs 

Companies are finding it accurate to search for a candidate using virtual job fairs. They consider it to be an ideal opportunity to search for job applicants. 

This would even help the recruiting staff to respond to any query of the applicant and can guide them related to any job opening in their company. 

7. Engagement of the Candidate

We are almost certain that even the recruiters also feel guilty when they are not able to provide proper follow-up calls or messages. At this point in time the candidates also form a strong view of the company. Here AI comes to rescue, it not only helps the recruiters with good experience but also helps the candidates by providing them with the information which is required.  AI technology is helping by providing these three-fold benefits

  • Time and labor saver 
  • Increases hiring accuracy 
  • Reduces biased judgment

Ultimately both the recruiter as well as the new recruit are at a benefit with the automation procedure.

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8. Providing Flexibility in a Working Arrangement

Recruitment Process: Flexibility in a Working Arrangement image

Businesses that may not be convinced enough with the idea of flexible working, may find it needs the hour to provide flexibility to the employees. Many companies may see this as an opportunity to bond between the candidate and the already existing staff. 

9. Focusing on the Precautionary Hiring 

Many companies and hiring teams are adopting various ways in these tough times. There are a lot of companies that have slowed down the process of hiring in the wake of the pandemic, while others have totally frozen their hiring process. 

However, you should focus and try tracking the jobs and apply to those companies which are in need of new employees. 

Final Words

COVID-19 has led to a lot of changes. The world has changed overnight and so has the life of every individual. There has been a bump in this journey for everyone. Things have changed, processes have changed and so has the viewpoint of every individual towards life, work, leisure, and job hunting as well. Living in such havoc has become the “New Normal”. Only time can unfold how things are going to turn in the future. We can just hope things settle down, but the changes in the recruitment process would stay or end as the pandemic ends would be seen with time. 

As a job applicant, our duty should be to seek a proper job, stay informed, and prepare well for it.

Here are some tips for job hunting in the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s watch the below video on “Job Searching During COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – How To Job Hunt In An Economic Crisis”:

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