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By | July 8, 2019

Before going to how to create a website, first understand the difference between website and webpage and what is a website.

Difference between website and webpage


  • A website is cluster or collection of different web pages which are grouped together
  • Unique URL
  • No extensions in the URL of the website
  • Does not depend on the address of the webpage

  • A webpage is the single entity of the website containing the particular content
  • URL name can be same but reside different document
  • Extensions are there in the URL according to the webpages of the website
  • Depends on the address of the website.

What is a website

In technical terms, A website is a collection of different web resources, assets (image, audio, video, etc ) and webpages which can be accessed by visiting the particular domain name through a browser.

In layman language, if we broke the terms web here means the online world and site means location. Now, a website is your online presence on the internet (world wide web). It’s the face of your business which tells your customer who you are, what you do, what you offer, services, etc.

Now when we have understood the difference between website and webpage let us move to the topic,

How to create a Websitehow to make website

  1. Plan and visualize your online presence

First visualize what you want, what is your field or area on which you want your presence on the world wide web. Then make your plan accordingly.

For instance, you own a bakery shop which deals in cakes, pastries and bakery items. So we plan to create a website which tells my audience about the items which we offer, location, specialization, services like delivery, etc.

  1. Register Your domain namehow to create a website

Now when the decision and plan are ready it’s the time to take the address in the online world which is the Domain name (a human-readable form of I.P address), through which a website is known. A domain name must reflect your plans.

Then decide the domain name, check its availability and buy it from the domain websites.

In continuation of the above instance as we are starting a bakery shop it must be like or etc.

  1. Get the hosting done

When the domain name is finalized, it is the time for hosting i.e. getting the space online. To make the website accessible via the internet. Buy it from the hosting websites, these websites provide the space on the server and work as the data center. The hosting plans must be decided as per the size of the website. Still, there is a question that how to create a website.

As in our instance, the hosting helps to provide the space in which we store our data such as images, videos, clients information, bookings, records, etc.

  1. Creating a website

Now it’s time to design and develop your website.  The question, how to create a website? Initially make a blueprint, that how you want your website to look. In today’s world, it’s not mandatory to make it from the scratch, many website building platforms are available in the market such as word press, drupal, Wix and many more where you can create your website through different themes and plugins as per your requirements.

Continuing the Instance, now its time to create the different web pages such as offering, cakes, bread, about us, services and many more.

  1. Analysis of your audience

When the website is created now it is the time to make the analysis of the audience. Basically what the viewers want, which product is in demand, which blogs they want to read, which services are needed or in demand, etc. So we target the audience and show them the related topics of their interests.

Now, talking about the bakerystreet, we know chocolate cakes are loved by kids and girls, people above 35 of age like fruit cake and fusion cake, etc.

  1. Work on the content

    how to make a website

Working on the content is the most important work for your website. Telling the audience about our existence and presence, services, offerings, what is the website all about, is done through content. Specifying each and everything in detail. As search engines work on keywords, therefore to mark presence online one should be specific about their website and its content.

Bakerystreet instance, we are working on the bakery items and cake so we make sure that we use keywords like cake, pastry, muffin, bakery items, etc. Through which our audience can find us and know about our company.

  1. Publish your site

Now when your website is ready, it is the time to publish it, to go live. All the header files that have been created, it is the time to upload them on the servers. In the hosting that you purchased earlier. Bingo, the time to go online.

Bakerystreet is ready to go live, now its there on the world wide web.

  1. Last but not the least market your website

Now you have your online presence it`s time to market the site i.e. to let the audience know your presence. In the online world, there are several ways such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, etc. It is time to face your competition and rank your website.

In today’s world, it is really important to take your business online. It is not important to start a website from scratch. The questions may arise that how to create a website, which platform to use and many more.  but the important thing is to reach the audience online. In any type of web development service, The escaleins are ready to serve you.

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