Must-Read Tips to Follow During Work from Home in Corona Pandemic

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The pandemic has left people in astonishment, they are struggling with a lot of issues. Life came to a standstill. People had no answers to these questions, but a “new normal” was introduced, the option of “work from home”. There was the question of basic survival, a lot of questions crossed their mind in this panicking situation like:

  • How would people work?
  • How will they earn their living?
  • Will, they are able to go through this rough patch?
  • Will they lose their jobs?

What Survey Says?

In a survey Indian economy lost around US$4.5 billion every single day during the initial lockdown period.

As coronavirus cases shoot up, so have the number of companies started practicing work from home. Around 46% of the American business had implemented the remote work from the home policy since mid of February. The telecommunication industry is at the top for quite a long time now. Before the pandemic, only 3.4% of Americans had experienced work from home. It’s not wrong if we say that most of the employees who have been asked to work from home due to coronavirus may have never done it or may have very little experience of it.

The struggle is mutual for employees as well as the team heads. You may be a telecommunicator for the first time and may find issues with a certain task and your manager may be finding ways to keep your team engaged.

“We will send the laptops directly to the home of the new employees”. Said one of the Owners of the company who decided that all the employees would work from home from mid of march till the calamity is over.

A law firm did some research and send a survey to its clients and collected responses from over 500 US employers.

Resulting in:

  • 67% of employees were giving work from home facility.
  • 36% was encouraging to work from home in all parts of the country.
  • 42% were asked to take up the project’s case by case.
  • 6% was encouraging to work from home in hotspots.

Some must-read tips which help in work from the home situation are as under:

1. Flexibility

Before this pandemic also, flexible workplace arrangements were made to increase the motivation of an employee and help them in creating a balance between professional and personal life. This helped people as a few of them were already aware of the concept. Companies have been trying their best to keep people busy so they don’t get a sense of isolation.

2. Work with Easily Accessible Products

This gives a basic idea of how you can work from home. You need basic utilities for your work. Laptops, internet connection, e-mail handling, and data handling are a few things you would need in order to practice work from the home technique.

3. Security

You need to advise people on how to achieve cybersecurity. You can also employ an IT member to help other employees and deal with any technical or security issues.

4. Accept the Productivity Change

It is hard to get the same productivity as it was in the pre-coronavirus phase. As an employer, you also need to see if all the employees are safe or not. You can focus on that and maintain as much productivity as possible.

A lot of essential questions arise when we talk about the work from a home scenario in the pandemic.

How to Set Up Your Available Space?

People prefer the corner office due to its view. Now when people are working from their own place, they have the freedom to choose the best environment for themselves. One problem which may arise at times is, you may be in the middle of your conference call and your connection gets distorted. You will have to hop from room to room in order to get perfect connectivity. So, you should check with the connections beforehand.

How to Stay Focused and Productive?

It’s not wrong to analyze that the productivity of the companies has gone down. Around 75% of the people are feeling less productive in these difficult times. But consistency is the key to success. You need to stay focused and do your work with great effort to make yourself productive enough for the company.

How to Manage Professional and Personal Life?

Office and board meetings that used to be in office background have now been replaced by the view of kitchens and bedrooms. It has transformed the whole concept of working. It is helpful if we take it as a parameter for more human connectivity.

How to Coordinate with Your Colleague?

Coordination can be a real trouble maker when we have to connect with the people but virtually. Our staff meetings have changed into conference calls, the orders of the higher authorities have been received in the form of e-mails, messaging, and updating minute details have become an essential part. Coordinating with colleagues has also become a virtual connection.


Coronavirus has brought turmoil in loads of lives professionally but people have survived bravely through that storm. If we talk about the companies in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, companies have very confidently dealt with the problems and implemented the work from home criteria really well. Escale Solutions, the best app, and web development company in Gurgaon has successfully managed to control the working of its employees even when they were working from home. They have implemented all the measures they could for the convenience of their employees.

The pandemic has affected a lot of lives but work from home is accepted with open arms by a lot of people around the world. Even after they might face certain problems, work from home has become the “The New Normal”.

Let’s watch more tips to work from home effectively:

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