Top 15 Questions Asked by Clients for Web Development Work

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Web development refers to the task involved in creating and developing websites. These tasks include everything from web designing to publishing and web programming. It is used to create different types of content for example updating blogs through websites, building a website through different programs, for performing such tasks, web developers and web designers are hired in the company.

People often consider web developers and web designers the same which is not correct at all. The people in both these posts have to perform different tasks in web development work. Web designer’s work is to design websites using languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Whereas on the other hand, a web developer’s work is also to write web scripts in ASP and PHP along with designing websites. The web developer also works to maintain the database with the help of advanced websites. 

Every Web development company requires a good web developer who can perform such tasks. Before hiring a web developer, you have to make sure that he has the appropriate knowledge and skills required for working with your team. You have to also make sure that the person has enough skills and capabilities and can be perfectly fit for this position and project. For analyzing that, you have to ask several questions to the developers. 

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When and Why to Ask Questions to the Potential Developer

15 Questions Asked by Clients for Web Development Work: When and why to ask questions to the potential developer

Sometimes you may find it weird to ask questions to potential web developers. But it is very necessary to understand their capabilities and availability. If you want a developer for just a simple app or an easy project, then you just need to know if they will be able to do the tasks in an affordable and reliable manner. But if you need developers for big projects, then you have to ask some important questions and find out if they are suitable for your project work. 

Asking too many questions is understandable and you need not worry about it. It is very important to make the situation crystal clear so that no problems are created later on. The more questions you will be asking, the more you will be able to understand the potential developer. 

Here is a list of questions that are needed to be asked to a potential web developer before you take any decision in your hiring process. 

Questions to Ask a Potential Web Developer

15 Questions Asked by Clients for Web Development Work: Questions to ask a potential web developer

#1: About His Experience

For working on bigger projects and teams, it is very important to have experience in the same field. It is one of the most important factors among all the other ones. You should always choose those developers who have experience of about five years or more in the development in the same field of your project. 

The small projects can also work with just a small work experience. These experiences need not be giant projects in companies. It can be something from working free to minimal charges for friends or relatives. Most of the good developers have worked and had their first experience like this. An experience of any kind with good skills is what is needed for getting hired for web developers.

#2: Technologies Used

You should ask about the technologies that are used by the future developer. The technologies that are going to be used in the project must be known, and a good understanding of them is really essential. For example –when you hire WordPress developer, a language like PHP is necessary to be understood.

#3: The Type of Project Worked on 

The type of project worked on

It is very essential to have some knowledge about the type of projects your developer has worked on. Every team and project have different needs and choices when it comes to hiring developers. Some might want the developer to specialize in various types of projects while others might be okay with excelling in one type. So, every team has to decide and understand the needs of their project in order to meet their goals. On the basis of that choice, find the developer who can resemble your need and can be relied upon for that kind of work.

#4: Ask for Their Portfolio

Asking for letting the developer show you the things he has developed is totally fine. Many of the professional and skilled developers maintain a collection of the work they have done. A well maintained and updated portfolio is created by them for showcasing their skills and work. Professional developers will be more than happy to provide you with their work through that portfolio or the links to the website on which they have worked.

#5: Results Achieved by the Developer in Previous Work 

In the work like web development, results can be clearly seen and measured. A developer can be asked about the metric that was associated with his past work mentioned in his portfolio. If a developer is not able to provide you with the metrics, then you should not go for that person and consider someone else for the position. 

#6: How Will He Be Able to Reach the Goals of Your Project?

An image of How will he be able to reach the goals of your project

There is a perfect answer that you can be expecting from the other side. It depends on the person to person how he presents his answer. Most of the time, it is interesting and creative, and fun to be asked. Before asking this question, you should explain your needs and demands so that the developer can answer such questions on that basis.

If their answer doesn’t come up to your expectations even after knowing about your needs and demands, you should consider anyone else who is goal-oriented and can help in meeting your needs.

#7: Time Duration Required for Completion of a Project

It is very important to ask these questions as the projects have different deadlines for their completion. If a developer has the skills to complete it in a period that matches your deadline, then you must choose him. Creating content in a small duration of time will reduce its quality which will ultimately have bad results.

#8: The Number of Revisions They are Willing to Do

This question will help to know about how your developer’s behavior and attitude towards the work. If a developer asks for extra charges for making simple changes and revising the project, then shouldn’t be hired for your work. As nothing can be perfect on the first go, consistent efforts and revisions are needed to be done to have good results and impressions. So, one should be ready to make as much revision as needed to make their project perfect as per the goals.

#9: How Closely They Intend to Work With You

The hired developer should be willing to become a part of your team or company. The developer should have intentions of closely working with you and not just act as somebody hired for doing a project.

#10: About the Way of Communication During the Work

There are different ways in which different companies tend to communicate with clients during the development process. Some use different software like base camps while others prefer emails. Phone calls and meetings are some other methods in which development companies interact and talk about the updates regarding the project.

It is very important to stay in contact with the developers so that you are updated about the progress made in the project. 

#11: Budget for the Project

There will be a specific amount that you want to invest in a particular project. So, it is very important to ask about the cost in which the project can be completed according to them. 

#12: Their Approach to User Experience 

Along with the versatile features, design and user experience also hold great importance in creating a good and successful app. If your design is not good enough, then your app will lack popularity. 

15 Questions Asked by Clients for Web Development Work: Their approach to user experience

As there are millions of apps in the market, you need to make your app stand out amongst the crowd. Superior designing and UX are the only best ways for making it work. Users can easily judge and are able to tell the usability of any app just in the beginning and will set a standard for it. 

#13: The Process of App Development

You need to find if the WordPress agency developer performs agile development. It is very necessary to know how he is going to operate in the most critical times. During the work, lots of problems occur and a good approach is needed to tackle them.

#14: Ask If They Follow the Coding Standards

You should ask the developer about the coding standard and utilization of the framework. It is ideally considered that web application frameworks should be used as its coding system is well organized. 

#15: Maintenance of the App Post Launch

15 Questions Asked by Clients for Web Development Work: Maintenance of the App post launch

Even after the launch of the app in the market place, certain things are needed to be done and managed from time to time. It requires fixing bugs and updating them after a particular time. So, constant maintenance is needed to be done by the developer.

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