10 Ways to Instantly Identify a Fraudulent SEO Firm

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This is article is to aware of those who are new to SEO and the digital marketing world, with reading every bit of information you will find some ways to identify those phony SEO/Fraudulent SEO Firm. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them out there online and it’s just a matter of time until the point that they get in touch with you making convincing yet fraudulent claims.

There are a lot of spammers that send out a bulk of emails to every single email address they found or scrape from websites. Moreover, they are extremely clever in using this procedure as they address you by name and utilize your URL in the standard duplicate.

Utilizing the good judgment approach here won’t just assist you with SEO spam, however, spam of all types that surge your inbox.

In case you see any of these cautioning signs, Delete, Ignore, Hang-Up, or report as spam since it is all fraudulent! The majority of this exertion is intended to complete that certain something and one thing only, take your cash and produce no outcomes.

Without taking much of time, here are the best 10 different ways to detect/ identify a fake or fraudulent SEO firm.

  1. The claim of “Guaranteed 1st place” on Google.
  2. They will show you their generosity by reviewing your website and say that it’s fantastic. However, they won’t be able to find you on the first page of Google and will show “how concerned” they are about this. They can turn the whole thing around with organic front page rankings.
  3. They will build links from all over the internet that links back to your website quickly without checking, how that link will affect your SEO.
  4. They will charge you ridiculously very low fees or just one-time payment to get you on the front page or first rank of the search engines.
  5. Redesigning your website for “SEO purpose” without giving you a valid reason. Note: There are some valid reasons to support that your website really needs a redesign.
  6. Show you dreams of massive traffic to your social media sites.
  7. In their contact information, website and phone number are not listed.
  8. They say that you were contacted because you don’t rank for your keyword phrases even they don’t know for what keyword you are trying to rank your website. Even if you are ranking an excellent position for that keyword.
  9. The email they will use is from a third party to contact you (@yahoo, Gmail, etc).
  10. Finally, the most important one that can sure shot helps you to figure out a phony SEO firm. They initiate the conversation. That’s right. Any reputed or authentic firm is worth hiring will not email you from an unsolicited email (SPAM) and/or phone calls.

The last point to consider, I have had individuals call me and really told me that they were from Google and could ensure my company 1st rank position, not understanding they called a genuine SEO company. At the point when we asked them some genuine inquiries regarding SEO, they fumbled and hung up.

I have additionally had clients that “went to SEO workshops exhibited by Google Representatives” This will never happen. A Google rep will never endeavor to offer you an SEO bundle!

Authentic firms have all the work they can deal with which is headed to them by referrals, online articles, network association, and obviously real SEO endeavors.

The following below are only a couple of genuine spam emails that surge our inbox. Names have been changed to secure the blameworthy.

————————————————Real Spam Email——————————————

From: [email protected]   (Throw away Email Address)


Would you like to be listed at the top of every major search engine such as Google, Yahoo! & Bing for multiple search phrases (keywords) relevant to your products/services?

Our Steps and the Activities to Rank You 1st Page on Google!  (1st page lie and cannot create a coherent sentence)

  1. Keywords Research
  2. Competition Analysis
  3. Optimized Content Creation
  4. Keywords Optimization
  5. Back Link Creation/Link Building
  6. Submission to Search Engines and Directories
  7. Submission to Article Directories (Old SEO technique – no longer used in modern SEO)

We are a team of 80+ professionals which includes 50 full-time SEO experts.  (Obvious Lie)

We are proud to inform you that our team handled 250+ SEO projects. We will be glad to assist you in offering our services. (Probably true. Ripped of 250 people at least)

Contact us for the best quote for your website & we’ll place your website on 1st page Google ranking for targeted keywords. (1st page lie again)



Kind Regards

Richa Singh

Online SEO Consultant

———————–    (No Phone)

———————–    (No Website)

————————————————End Spam Email——————————————

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