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Mobile App Development Company in Lucknow

Escale Solutions has dependably been considered as the leading and recommended company for mobile app development from top organizations for their business. Mobile Application (App) Development is a region that goes past the creation of a convincing User Interface (UI). The extent of work incorporates testing, integration, security, quality affirmation, and content management, and particular designing capabilitiesacross all platforms. Escale Solutions's complete services give this on both, the user and client/company side. We, as Lucknow Based Mobile App Development Company provides the following services:

Hybrid App Development

Get Highly extensible, readable and spontaneous angular website for your business

Game App Development

Design your own forefront game application with game app development Service

B2B App Development

Build TRUST and AUTHENTICITY with our appealing and interactive b2b mobile app developemnt services

B2C App Development

Gain a competitive edge for your business with a cross device compatible b2c mobile application

Android App Development

Harness the power of android application with powerful android applications

iOS App Development

Escalate your business with the best and the highly-functional solutions that are flexible to change

Why Escale Solutions

We Offer Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Development Company In India

Did you know? The impression of your Mobile App User Interface decides whether that visitor will become your client or customer or just uninstall your company’s Mobile App. And this whole thing happens in only 7 seconds. We are specialized and equipped for this task. Let’s Start Rollin together and build your company’s custom-built Mobile App.

Mobile App designing and Mobile App development are in our blood.

To unleash the best out of our Mobile App developers for your company’s Mobile App, we try figuring out some basic but salient points:

  • What are you looking for?
  • Can you envisage your Mobile App? If Yes, then please provide us some hint or otherwise, we are good at exploring things[* Need some other word]
  • Do you have any animation or a font family in mind which you love to prefer?
  • The last step, do you have any preference of color or multipage?

With all your suggestions, our Mobile App designers and developers will leverage all their knowledge and skills to create a magical Mobile App for you.

Moile Apps Development Services

Our other Mobile App Development Company branches also provide the same services which are provided in Lucknow:

Hybrid Mobile App Development Company

Hybrid Mobile App Development
Services in Lucknow

“Provide homely feeling to your customers”

Customers have find it very comfortable in searching and buying items through their smartphones(mobile phones) apps nowadays. However, with various working frameworks like iOS, Android, Windows, making an app and making a mobile app versionas in lookalike of your website is all together an alternate story. Furthermore, this is the reason numerous organizations find it hard in making hybrid mobile apps a sensible move. Escale Solutions has unmatched abilities and propelled capability in CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript to use best application development systems. Moreover, our group of hybrid app developers isn't simply fixated on quality, however even endeavor hard to make a benchmark.

Why should you choose hybrid mobile app development for your company?

  • Reduction in Development Costs: It's relatively less expensive to make a hybrid mobile app and tasks are attained sooner.
  • Accessbility: The accessibility of resources is much easier for any company and these resources are required in development of a hybrid mobile app.
  • Better UI/UX:Having a consistent UX across all mobile platforms resolves the issue of data buffering.
  • Integration: By utilizing device’s interior programming framework, these applications empower consistent synchronization with other compatible applications
  • Speed: Quick responses to the end-user is one of the benefits of having a hybrid mobile app.
  • Scalability: With a hybrid mobile app, scaling becomes easier.
  • Offline mode: Data consumption will be reduced and uninterrupted access the hybrid app’s data for the user.
  • Ease of Management: Maintenance becomes as easy as you’re updating a website page, that’s also in real time.

We are one of the best mobile app development company in Lucknow and we create highly captivating, attractive, and engaging websites for a better user experience.

p>We at Escale Solutions have made countless hybrid mobile applications for fulfilling the particular business needs of our clients. We value our clients vote in picking us as their hybrid application development accomplices to help them in creating their business-specific arrangements. We are the tech specialists in eliciting client business needs, and after that in the wake of gathering their thoughts and our expertise, we modify a consummately operable mobile application to help their business tasks to be executed insightfully and effectively in a way to accomplish the pinnacle of business leads. Call us today to talk to our expert hybrid mobile development project manager in Lucknow, India. We are prepared to take your company on the web!

Game App Development Company

Game App Development Service in Lucknow

As the most crowd-pleasingcategory of application, games can possibly achieve an unfathomable number of clients. In the case of passing a couple of minutes with an easygoing riddle or getting fascinated in an engaging storyline, mobile deviceusersare fond ofgames. Escale Solutions is a pioneer among mobile game app developmentcompanies in the Lucknow, India, bringing skill inmobile projects. Our game app developers and game app designers utilize Unity, Maya, Corona, Cocos2D, and numerous other industry-driving tools to make the best gaming experience.

We are the ideal Game app development company in Lucknow that conveys each task on time. Games offer a few choices for monetization. The least complex is the pay-to-download model, in which a mobile device user pays a specific sum to download the game at first. Significantly more common now is the in-application buy model; with this methodology, the game itself is free, yet extraordinary forces, extra vehicles, and different additional items can be purchased inside the game. At long last, a free game can be bolstered by publicizing.

Why Choose Escale Solutions for Mobile Game App Development Services

  • Ideation:What it takes in crafting a game from the start to the end, An idea. If the idea you shared with us is not worth a million dollar, it will surely fail after its successful execution. To avoiding such situation, first thing we do is to evaluate ideas and forecasting its outcome.
  • Conceptualization: When we have an idea regarding what we will manage, we conceptualize the gameplay, its highlights, add vertical and horizontal options to the idea. A perception can be set up now as illustrations that takes the total idea towards an impeccable bearing. Escale Solutions should be your first choice as a WordPress web development company in Lucknow .
  • DesignDocumentation:Documentation for the creation of the game is readied. All the creative and tech parameters are considered to make the ideal production plan get ready for the gaming activity. Game Design Document or the GDD contains the execution design and insights about the game being created.
  • Designs & Asset Preparation: All the graphical 2D and 3D work is now started to prepare all the resources according to the necessities of the game programming team. Now, the visuals are consummated with points of interest by checking the yield as per execution and as indicated by expected outcomes.
  • Development: We breakdown the development into smallchunks so every one of the segment can be idealized. A group of exceptionally capable Unity3D developers having over 4 long periods of experience breakdown the issues of implementation and impeccable these particular segments. The improvement can be completed both serial or in a parallel way according to the financial plan of the client.
  • QA: Before launching the game in the market, we invest a huge amount of time for the adjustments which we will make while testing the game for glitches and to improve the overall experience of the user and gameplay.
  • Launch: In this stage, we help our clients in making a smooth game launch and for that we offer our digital marketing services with the help of our professional marketers. Our marketing professionals lay down a road for the successful launch of the game.
Get in touch with us and we'll interface you with our best diversion application designers at Escale Solutions in Lucknow, India to exhort you about the entirety of your choices.

B2B Mobile App Development Company

B2B Mobile App Development Service inLucknow

The corporate world around us is always advancing But technology is developing at a much speedier pace. Technological headways have made the skyline more extensive than at any other time—making the sky the point of confinement with regards to utilizing technology's most recent progressions to improve your business.

At Escale Solutions, Lucknow based company, we have an aptitude in giving an extensive variety of mobile app services in Lucknow to our Clients. mobile app developer at Escale Solutions utilizes industry best practices and demonstrated strategies to bring accomplishment for your business. Our mobile app experts are constantly prepared to assist you with all sort of mobile app development services utilizing propelled innovation, ability, and inventiveness.

Why should you choose B2B Mobile App Development for your company?

  • Advertising:Visitors and clients can get to your business and peruse your product offering from wherever or whenever with the B2B mobile app right on their palms.
  • Social Media Advantage:It goes without saying that social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have ended up being a commitment to the degree of compulsion now and again. Clients are investing a great deal of energy in social media networks and this gives the chance to the advertiser to misuse the stage.
  • Data Collection: In this period of data, brands can't prevail without a solid database of clients, user and customers. B2B Mobile applications can be utilized to gather data that wouldn't have been ordinarily conceivable with a web platform or application.
  • Engagement: Creating an exceptionally engagingb2b mobile application makes mark mindfulness as well as helps win the reliability of your clients. On the off chance that you have possessed the capacity to motivate a client to download your application, there is immaterial shot that he/she would settle on other elective brands.
  • Impersonate as guide: Customers are continually looking for data, credibility and the reasons to confide in a brand. Your application can be the correct device to trigger these elements.

Need B2B Mobile App Developers? Get in touch with Us. On the off chance that you are searching for proficient B2B mobile app development service provider company in Lucknow, at that point contact our company today. We can build up a very utilitarian, quick stacking, intuitive and simple to utilize JavaScript answer for your business site, with quicker time to advertise.

Clients We Have Worked For

Hindustan Unilever Limited
Intellect Partners
King Kong Club
TransWorld Packers and Movers
Registration Baba
Corporate Zoom

B2C Mobile App Development Company

B2C Mobile App Development Services in Lucknow

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break
and forever to repair”

B2C or Business to consumer is a companytransaction in which companies pitch products and services to customers. Such sort of transaction is normally an extremely repetitive one, however we at Escale Solutions are experts in giving basic B2C mobile applications.

Our B2C Mobile App Development service contain features, for example, payment gateways, shopping cart integration, product management, dynamic packaging implementation; third-party XML integrated services, booking engines for lodgings and flights and so forth.! We can give the best bits of knowledge, consultancy, and services at reasonable costs.

Why should you choose B2B Portal Development for your company?

  • With 24/7 Online presence of your online business will increase the number of orders you’ll receive. From client’s point of view, it brings an ease in buying product/ services for them at any time.
  • With a B2C mobile application, there are no limits for you. The whole world becomes your customer.
  • The most important benefit, you’ll get from a B2C mobile application is the lowered operational costs.
  • A B2C mobile application also increases speed and makes it convenient for the customer to buy product or service via your b2c mobile application.

On the off chance that you were searching for dedicated B2C Mobile Development Service Provider Company in Lucknow, ideally, your pursuit closes here. We convey business-specific website designing solutions for customers paying little mind to their business size. We create, keep up and oversee websites in a hazard free and secure condition that guarantee reliable quality levels and unfailing execution proportion. Regardless of where you are from, simply make a call us at +91- 9540582869 to know more.

Android Mobile App Development

Android Mobile App Development Services in Lucknow


Whether you have a plan to make a database driven android application or independent, our accomplished Android application developers have both expertise and skill to make an application that works over all Android gadgets, paying little respect to screen size, OS version, and processors.

Being an accomplished Android Mobile Application Development Company in Lucknow, India, our Android developmentteam gives a certification to our clients for an incredible Android application development service that amplifies the productivity of their businesses. We are utilizing modern-day technologies to make a client's business brand that contends with the present technology-obsessed world.

Why should you choose Android Mobile App Development for your company?

  • Open Source:It’s the most magical thing about an Android platform. The SDK of an Android is free; you don’t need to pay additionally for any licenses or royalties.
  • Pro Active Testing:It’s easy to integrate the platform and SDK enables you to install and run the android mobile application on any device each time you compile. Testing can be done on multiple devices, additional advantage for both client and developer without additional cost.
  • Easy Approval Process:Every android app which is being developed is uploaded on Google Play which has an uncomplicated application approval process. Any android app developer can agree to the policy and gain access to the android mobile application market for their developed android mobile application.
  • User Interface: There is a saying “Great UI makes or breaks an app”. An android mobile application offers a customizable application and graphics where developers showcase their creativity and innovativeness in developing the android mobile application to increase engagement and downloads.

On the off chance that you have a Mobile App idea that has entered your thoughts, we are just the company to change over it into the reality. We will start with a basic discussion with the development team and come up with anapt mobile application solution that is in a sync with the idea and business prerequisites you gave. Our development team will investigate all the mobilesolutions available and recommend one properly suited to your particular business needs.

We blossom with transforming thoughts into an advanced, mobile, worldwide reality. Get us today to discover how we can do that for you.

iOS App Development Company

iOS Development Services in Lucknow

“Load Faster than your Expectations”

The iOS, iPhone, iPad application market is unfathomably lucrative, yet with a specific end goal to be fruitful, you require a gifted iOS application development company to create the perfect functionalities, right understanding, the perfect rollout and the right support.

Making an iOS, iPhone, iPad application is perpetually the correct method to start your application business. The iOS, iPhone, iPad still characterizes the standard and permits your application to get presented to a lucrative arrangement of users. In the event that your application has an incredible experience quotient, you will effortlessly discover buyers in iOS. In any case, for the end goal to happen, you require agiftediOS, iPhone, iPad application development company and Escale Solutions is here to top that off for you.

An iOS, iPhone, iPad Application Development Company Dedicated to You

All that we do as an iOS, iPhone, iPad application developer is committed to give our clients the most ideal ROI and the top-most available position in the market. We fabricated a group of experts with a specific end goal to keep each part of our procedure in house, and you'll see that we are additionally devoted to keeping you on top of it consistently. We offer point by point updates all through the iOS, iPhone, iPad application development process, yet we additionally offer full examinations and strategizing for your application's rollout and proceed with continued success. We're with you consistently, unlike other iOS, iPhone, iPad application development companies.

Escale Solutions has the experience, the abilities and the drive to take you from intending to configuration to execution, rollout and continuous success. Our reputation justifies itself. Get in touch with us today to figure out how we vary from other iOS, iPhone, iPad application development companies and how we can help assemble yours continues success.

If you would like to see yourself achieve a better result than your competitors for your business, Get in touch with us. Hush! Hush!

Mobile App Development Company in Lucknow – Escale Solutions

Need to achieve your potential clients quicker? If you want to increase the number of potential clients in your business then for that you require a website. Having a website is not enough. As we are living in a digital era, and every business person realizes that they require a Mobile App for building up a solid online presence. In any case, the greater part of them doesn't understand that it's insufficient. In the event that you truly need to transform your business into a brand then for that, you require a Mobile App that offers more. Truly, your online business merits a Mobile App that can make an enchantment for your business. You may have heard that "Almost Everyone Will Make A Good First Impression, But Only A Few Will Make A Good Lasting Impression". In like manner, your Mobile App is the portal towards your business that mirrors your positive early introduction. There is various Mobile App Development Company in India and all are doing likewise required tasks. Picking the best out of numerous is a prime test for a client. You should choose the best to enhance the status of your business with a site. In this way, proceed in your business with the best Mobile App Development Company in Lucknow, India.

While discussing "The Best" as far as for the Mobile App Development nothing can beat Escale Solutions, a leading and well-known name in the Web Development world. Escale Solutions is granted as a Top 5 Mobile App Development Company in Lucknow, India that helps customers to create leads for their business to boost the offering of products or services. We are the first class Web Development company in India that dependably makes profoundly engaging websites and serves brand creative solutions. Our talented group of cuckoo experts with outlandish information and praiseworthy experience dependably plans to go past the client’s expectations.

We do the things any other way. For us "Nothing is Impossible, The word Impossible itself implies that I'm Possible". With this solid assurance, abilities, and skill we are the main innovative Mobile App Development Company in Lucknow that takes after an outcome arranged approach. We are the correct face and voice for your business that is fully informed regarding the most recent advances and patterns about the universe of computerized promoting.

At Escale, you will discover new thoughts and inventiveness at each level-whether it is ROI computations, group structure, costing structure, devices, third-party referencing, content composition, on page work or off page work.

Being the extraordinary Mobile App Development Company in Lucknow , India, it is prestigious for offering appealing site and gives you a chance to appreciate the consistent experience for all your site planning and advancement needs ideal from the site outlining and improvement to the site streamlining for various gadgets. In addition, a site outlining and advancement administrations we offer complete arrangements at a moderate range like realistic planning, portable application improvement, computerized advertising, and site design improvement administrations. We work for both higher positioning and transformations. We are Top 5 Mobile App Development Company in Lucknow that guarantees your business permeability over the web indexes. We give the top-notch SEO Service in Lucknow to our clients that assist them in enrolling their business among the pioneers on the Google for better efficiency and rate of profitability.

We are generally known for making aesthetic websites that attracts the guests as well as persuade them to change over into our clients.

Alongside the practical answers for all your Mobile App necessities, our experts guarantee 100%

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